September is “Healthy Aging Month”!


People tend to conform to certain standards and expectations prescribed to their age groups. Older individuals may think that healthy diets and regular exercise are for the young. But there is enough scientific evidence that supports the idea that people who maintain an active lifestyle can lengthen their lifespan and enhance their overall quality of life.

Here are some tips to help you focus on healthy living.

  1. Eat healthy foods to prevent diseases such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and foods low in fat and cholesterol.
  2. Exercise regularly to gain physical and mental strength. Listen to your body and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to gain strength, flexibility, and balance. It will improve your mood by delivering more oxygen to the brain.
  3. Practice mentally stimulating activities to improve your memory. Activities such as doing crossword puzzles, playing cards, or reading can stimulate new neuron growth. Its never too late to learn a new instrument, sport or game!
  4. Visit your health care provider and do some screenings. Its important to know where you stand regarding your health. It will give you a better shot at catching diseases early. Its important to be proactive regarding your healthcare, do your research and bring a list of any questions you may have for your doctor.

Most importantly, have fun with it! A positive attitude goes a long way.


National Case Management Week: Multiple Ways to Thank a Case Manager

Case Management professionals are the livelihood of our healthcare system. They are devoted, enthusiastic and compassionate who would stop at nothing to ensure our loved ones receive the highest quality of care. Case Managers are tasked with the most demanding responsibilities while remaining humble. This National Case Management Week, we join in letting them know they’re appreciated! 

Multitasking, skipping lunches and always putting others before themselves. Appreciation helps keep Case Managers, our most important healthcare ambassadors, satisfied and eager to serve patient populations. It’s important that we cherish them by consistently showing our appreciation. Verbal acknowledgement provides a much needed boost that can help Case Managers through a tough shift. A quick “Thank you” can go the extra mile! Below are just some of the different ways to recognize their hard work and dedication:

  1. Throw a party at the office with a nice catered meal. Invite everyone to bond over some hot, delicious food and reflect on how Case Managers make a difference in our lives.
  2. Give the gift of relaxation Recognize when Case Managers go the extra mile by awarding gift cards for a massage at a local spa, or even bring a therapist into the office!
  3. Write a heartfelt thank you note recognizing their commitment to caring. Putting your message in writing can make it that much more special.
  4. Send out an e-mail to let everyone know it’s time to celebrate our Case Managers!

Get creative!  Demonstrating your admiration can make a world of difference. Start planning your festivities early to ensure a memorable Case Management Week, October 12th through October 16th!

At RCM Health Care, we are throwing a contest to highlight Case Manager stories, draw discussion and increase Case Management awareness. Learn how to win a $250 gift card here.

How about you? How are you going to participate in this annual week-long celebration?

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8 Great Resources for Both New and Experienced Nurses

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or fresh out of nursing school, there’s always room for practice improvement. With plenty of information available online, it’s been easier more than ever to gain new knowledge and keep up to date with any given industry. Here at RCM Pulse, we’ve curated a short resource list consisting of nursing insights, trends, industry news, productivity tips, and education seminars that can help you learn better nursing practices for career advancement.

  1. 25 Best Apps for Nurses

Mobile apps are not exclusive to personal use but are also great for work productivity and professional development. This list of the best nursing apps, available at multiple platforms, can help you use mobile technology to become efficient at work and better at patient care.

  1.’s FREE Continuing Education series partners with many well-known industry institutions to provide free live webinars and downloadable courses covering many nursing disciplines. They also provide intensive course options available for purchase if you have extra money to spare. Learn more about their available learning materials here, where you can sign up for a more personalized learning experience.

  1. The Nerdy Nurse

If you’re into a more casual and friendly tone from a fellow nurse’s perspective, The Nerdy Nurse is a great blog to add to the list. Created by Brittney Wilson, a Clinical Informatics Nurse based in Georgia, she shares her knowledge about Nursing and Technology and has even published a book about it.

  1. Twitter

If you haven’t created a Twitter account yet, maybe you should do so today. It’s a vast resource for anyone looking to network, follow news, build a brand online, and catch up on any given discipline. Don’t be intimidated by Twitter handles and #hashtags—Twitter is easy to use and works great for content sharing. You’ll be a pro at retweets, favorites, twitter chats, and @ mentions very quickly. If you need a beginner’s guide, read this. (Follow us too @RCMHealthcare)

  1. Nursing Conventions/Tradeshows

There’s a great incentive in attending conventions and trade shows: personal connection to industry leaders and co-nurses. This can give you leverage when looking for new career opportunities. The guarantee of a personal response from company representatives attending the conference also offers a great promise. Depending on your specialty and location, many organizations hold different events annually. Try searching fairs in your area on Google today! If you need tips, here’s Careerealism’s 5 Steps for Networking Your Way to a Job at a Trade Show.

  1. Cleveland Clinic’s HealthHub

For health and wellness tips from certified experts, sign up for Cleveland Clinic’s newsletter. They are very generous with articles covering many topics including Family Health, diet, nutrition, research, and innovation. If you’ve already signed up on Twitter, follow them here.


Join allnurses’s community where you can post questions and get answers from a nursing group of 830,226 members. Boasting a worldwide audience, the online forum covers nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and much more.

  1. American Journal of Nursing

For in-depth, evidence-based work, The American Journal of Nursing has a library of peer-reviewed, scholarly articles dating back from 1900. The site has a variety of media, including videos and podcasts, online CE, and collections, all searchable through the top of the site. Many awards have also been given to the publication for their original and distinguished research.

Help us add to this list! Where do you get news and information about Nursing? Share with others and add a comment in the section below.

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6 Ways to Keep Seniors Hydrated this Summer

It’s finally summer and the heat is on! Calendars are filled with pool parties, barbecue, beaches and lots of family fun! But, too much heat can create lots of problems for our elder population. Dehydration, one of the top causes of hospitalization for seniors during these months, can create serious health problems. There’s an increased risk of falls, urinary tract infections, constipation, and impaired cognitive function. Keeping them hydrated can definitely reduce these chances and these are just some ways to do so:

1. Increase their fluid intake by leaving a glass of water next to their favorite chair or their favorite spot in the house. Make water easily accessible for them. Increasing their fluid intake can be a bit challenging, especially since it means more frequent trips to the bathroom, but better more visits to the toilet than even one visit to the hospital.

2. Try adding water rich foods to their diet. Juicy watermelon, tangy grapefruit, strawberries, crispy broccoli, lettuce, as well as low fat milk and yogurt are excellent examples.

3. Make refreshing juices or smoothies. Chop up seedless watermelon, tomatoes, green and red peppers, and cucumbers, then blend to any texture. Adding plain, low fat Greek yogurt can make a refreshing, cool and really good smoothie.

4. Flavored waters and coconut waters. Bottled flavored waters can be bought at supermarkets but if preferred, adding some flavor and color to water can also be done at home. Freeze berries or cranberries into ice cubes, or infuse water with fresh fruit, herbs or vegetables such as lemon, mint, watermelon or orange.

5. Avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day. Staying indoors and keeping it cool will help avoid perspiration and losing precious hydration.

6. Create a constant reminder for drinking water. Always set a reminder to ensure proper hydration is monitored for your aging loved ones.

Enjoy the long, lazy days of summer! Make sure to stay safe and hydrated!


– RCM Senior Care team.